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2019 Rail Heritage Weekend


Welcome to the legacy page of the C&O Greenbrier line restoration. Here you’ll find information relating to the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad’s ongoing restoration of the former Chesapeake & Ohio Greenbrier line between Durbin and Cass. DGVR crews continue making significant progress in connecting the two communities by rail. For the past two years, track crews have cleared dozens of washouts, mudslides, and cleared debris a distance of more than 8 miles in an effort to reconnect the former communities by rail. When complete, the Durbin-Cass connection will provide new rail tourism and outdoor recreation activities along the rural Greenbrier River. Rail service has been suspended on the line segment since the 1980s.

As of February 2019, the right-of-way has been restored 7 miles from Cass north to the south end of Trout Run. The washout and C&O bridge at Trout Run remains out of service, though DGVR expects a resolution to move forward soon that will allow for needed repairs and improvements. The Trout Run washout is the last major project in connecting the two points. North of Trout Run, the right-of-way has been rehabilitated north to Hosterman. In July 2018, we noted that track crews were working less than 1 mile north of Hosterman to repair additional washouts. The right-of-way has since been rehabilitated more than 2 miles north of Hosterman to a point where DGVR is within eyesight of the southern terminus of its Durbin-Hevener station line on the Durbin Rocket.

“From where our track crews are working, you can actually see the drop-off location for one of our Castaway Cabooses originating in Durbin. We’re closer than ever,” says Chase Gunnoe, the company’s marketing and business development manager.

Less than 1.5 miles remain to fully connect the Durbin-Cass segment. A somewhat milder winter has allowed track crews to continue working periodically throughout the winter months. To date, the company has installed nearly 19,000 crossties.

Once warmer weather arrives, our crews will begin a major stabilization project to reinforce the entire right-of-way with thousands of tons of new stone and ballast, additional crossties, and tamping efforts. This work will take place north from Cass. August 2019 is a soft-opening date for the new connection and additional details will be released soon on a grand celebration commemorating the line’s restoration. Please reference this site often for new photos and track rehabilitation updates.

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