Middle Fork Climax No. 9

315 Railroad Ave, Elkins, WV 26241, USA
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2019 Rail Heritage Weekend


Welcome to the legacy page of Middle Fork Climax No. 9. Here you’ll find timely information on the locomotive’s restoration. Shop crews with the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad’s Cass Scenic Railroad are in the process of completing the locomotive’s restoration. Information will be routinely updated below this introductory text as crews make significant milestones in restoring the locomotive to operation. We appreciate you visiting the page and we look forward to sharing these updates with you as the locomotive returns to steam in summer 2019.

June 2019: Cass shop crews are expecting the arrival of the locomotive’s steam chest during the week of June 3rd. New air tanks are currently ordered and will arrive at the shop facility in the upcoming weeks. With the arrival of the steam chest and expected air tanks, crews will soon begin reassembling the drive shaft – the final component to the project. Cass shop crews spent much of the late winter on final piping and putting together the various injector lines. The locomotive successfully passed a boiler test in March 2019. Final touch up and cosmetic work will take place once the drive shaft has been reassembled and the air tanks are installed.

The Middle Fork Climax restoration is a top priority at the Cass shop. The Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad has been responsible for the locomotive’s rehabilitation since assuming operation of the Cass Scenic Railroad. The project was spearheaded by the non-profit Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association in 2002. Countless volunteer hours and donations over a more than decade-long period allowed the project to move forward. Now, DGVR is grateful for the opportunity to closeout the Climax project and looks forward to celebrating its return to steam with all railroad enthusiasts and preservationists. Please check back on this page often for regular updates.

Originally, the locomotive was built by the Climax Locomotive Works of Corry, Pa., in 1919 for the Moore-Keppel Co., a lumber company operation, in Ellamore, W.Va. The locomotive spent most of its revenue career serving the lumber mill until its closing in the mid-1940s. After the mill’s closure, the locomotive was sent to the Middle Fork Railroad where it served as a standby locomotive for the railroad’s coal operations. It was ultimately retired in 1960.

Be the first to photograph Middle Fork Climax No. 9 when it steams out of Cass during our 2019 Rail Heritage Weekend on Sept. 6-8, 2019. More information is available on the right panel of this webpage.

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