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The Last Shay

a train on a track with smoke coming out of it
a large long train on a track with smoke coming out of it

Builders Information

Western Maryland Shay No. 6 was built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1945 for the steep grades of the Chaffee Branch, between Chaffee, WV, and Vindex, MD. The locomotive spent just four years in active service hauling coal for the railroad before retirement. The “Big 6” earns the distinction of being the last and second largest of 2,767 Shay locomotives built. Following retirement the locomotive was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD where it resided for more than 26 years. A trade arrangement was made with the State of West Virginia for the locomotive in 1980 in exchange for Cass Shay No. 1 and a Porter 0-4-0T.


 Built: 1945  Class: C 150-3  Trucks: 3
 Tractive Effort: 57,742 lbs  Maximum Speed:  23.3  Wheel Diameter:  48″
 Boiler Pressure: 200 lbs.  Empty Weight:  269,960  Gauge: Standard
 Fuel: Coal  Fuel Capacity: 9 tons  Water Capacity:  6,000 gal.